04. Dec, 2020.

Centar za energetsku efikasnost "Cefiks" objavio je televizijsku reportažu povodom završetka projekta "Eko bajk taksi". Projekat je realizovan uz finansijsku pomoć Pokrajinskog sekretarijata za urbanizam, graditeljstvo i zaštitu životne sredine. TV produkciju uradio je ClickMan design studio. Proizvodnja udruženje "Cefiks", novembar 2014.

Flood Relief Serbia

Serbia has been hit by a devastating storm, cities are flooded, villages eradicated. More than 10,000 people are displaced, over 300,000 households are without electricity, death toll is climbing. Damage is extensive and it will take decades to restore the damage water did in two days so far. People need help to acquire food and drinking water. Please help if you can, and have in mind that even $10 goes far in Serbia and it might not be even noticed as an expense. Thank you!

All funds raised will go directly to flood affected areas, through Volunteers Center and Red Cross.

Share as much as you can and wherever you can!



Serbia declared a national emergency as rivers across the flooded roads and bridges, shutting down schools and cutting off power. SERBIA NEEDS HELP!

Serbia declared a national emergency on Thursday as rain-swollen rivers across the Balkans flooded roads and bridges, shutting down schools and cutting off power.
Three people have reportedly drowned and more than 3,000 evacuated following flooding caused by torrential rain.
Hundreds of people had to be evacuated by military helicopters after meteorologists said the rainfall was the most since measuring started 120 years ago.
Authorities in Belgrade said the average rainfall of a two-month period hit the city in just 40 hours.
Surging water coursed through towns and villages, overflowing across streets and into homes, sweeping bridges off their moorings and causing landslides across the region.

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